World's Strongest Woman - 2011
World's Strongest Woman - 2011


Ukrainian girl Nina Geria - The World's Strongest Lady


She lifts passenger cars, trucks and hauling granite played sheaves. She - the most powerful woman in the world.


Ukrainian Nina Geria won the world championship Strong Sport. Not just win, but dared her opponents off the road.


At first glance, Nina can not be distinguished from ordinary Ukrainian woman. Here she is presenting state awards. Strong figure, dark-haired hair, a dress, a little makeup. But even in a normal atmosphere. Exercises on the brink of human capabilities.


Mykhailo Geraskevich, coach of the strongest women: "The unique combination of anthropometry, strength endurance, crazy for such a weight and character - that is the secret of its success."


Nina Geria, the most powerful woman of the world in 2011: "I had to gather all his anger into a fist."

Nina uniqueness not in win - in world's strongest arena won before. But rarely so convincingly. Culmination - squats with passenger car on their shoulders. The nearest competitor squats three times. Nina does 10 and stops - enough to win.


Mykhailo Geraskevich, coach of the strongest women: "But in training we were preparing to a result more than 20 reps, it is for one minute."


In spite of his victories and respectful status, Nina has the usual tastes of a young girl. Love of cinema, photography and music.


Nina Geria, the most powerful woman of the world in 2011: "If successful the weather and time of year, I love photography."

But the coach knows better, what need loves Nina.


Mykhailo Geraskevich, coach most powerful woman: "She wants and likes, and she likes to endure. This is to endure a great weight on yourself, for a long time, lift enormous weights that not the strength even a normal person, even a man. She loves it."


Now Ninas don't invite in foreign contries for the take part for them, but in which case the answer is certainly ready.


Nina Geria, the most powerful woman of the world in 2011: "Even if there are such proposals, the response to them will be totally negative. I do not need it, and if they try, they themselves will be able to create the same girl ... if they really try."


The next event at Nina in February. Status of the strongest in the world requires.